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What to bring

Your dog

  • It is expected that all dogs arrive in good health, are free from fleas/ticks and their nails kept short.
  • Due to the risk of injury we will not accept dogs whose nails have not been properly maintained.
  • We will not accept any dog that has been vaccinated within two weeks prior to their stay.


  • All Campers must bring enough food sufficient for the length of stay. Please measure and add two meals. If your dog is high energy please send 1 cup extra per day of stay.
  • Due to current issues with Beneful dog food and the risk to other dogs, we have chosen not to accept it at our kennel.
  • We feed ALL dogs at least 2 times a day. Puppies are fed 3 to 4 times each day.
  • You will be charged a $15.00 feeding fee per dog if you run out of food.
  • For day campers: We require the use of a standardized container available here for purchase when you come for the interview.
  • For overnight campers: Please bring food in a hard plastic container with a locking lid, clearly marked with the dog’s name. No extra large containers, bags, glass or metal.
  • Please let us know if your dog has food or contact allergies.
  • Please DO NOT bring a food dish. We have 150 of them. All dishes are put through the dishwasher after every meal.

Please put your dog's name and your last name on ALL items.


  • Absolutely NO RAW HIDE, pig ears or treats with a coating and nothing containing sugar.


  • Medication, vitamins & injections are given at no charge.
  • Please ensure all meds have the dog's name and your last name on the container. Include WRITTEN instructions with name of medication and condition being treated.


  • We allow ONLY quick release collars/harnesses.
  • Please no buckles, choke or pinch collars.
  • All dogs must be on lead and in the owner's control to and from the intake gate.

Please put your dog's name and your last name on ALL items.