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What We Provide

At Camp Good Puppy your dog is ensured a safe, healthy and stimulating home away from home. We provide day care and overnight care for dogs of all sizes and ages. It is our policy to add staff according to the number of reservations we have.

There are opportunities for your dog to play with others and get plenty of exercise. We don't have movies, playground equipment or internet monitoring. View inside the Barn

Dogs are fed in their crates and they nap in the crates. Otherwise they are out with one of us. On rainy days we still go out for our three or four walks a day and then the dogs are able to play (supervised) inside the Barn.

We provide an appropriately sized crate for every dog. We have crates big enough for a Great Dane, Mastiff or two Labradors. We also have smaller crates for puppies or small dogs. We provide water and food bowls and bedding.

Clean water bowls are placed every morning and clean food bowls are used with every meal. We feed your food to help reduce stress. All dogs are fed at least twice a day, puppies are also fed lunch and a snack. Everyone gets a treat at bedtime.

Clean bedding is placed as needed, mostly everyday sometimes twice a day. All crates are cleaned and disinfected when a dog leaves, so they are ready when new dogs arrive.

We give all medications, vitamins and supplements according to your written instructions at no extra charge.