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Health & Safety

Your dog will enjoy a safe and healthy environment at Camp Good Puppy. Our facilities are secure and clean.

All of the dogs that stay here spend time with other dogs. We group our campers according to age and temperament.

For the health and safety of your dog,
ALL DOGS who board here are INTERVIEWED.

Please familiarize yourself with the process by clicking on Jake (retired).


All dogs who board here are interviewed ahead of time and must come for at least one day of day care prior to boarding. Some dogs will need 2 or more days of day care to become settled and work out any issues or concerns we might have. We do this to help ensure the dogs that stay here are well-mannered and suited for this type of environment. There is no charge for the interview and it takes about 20 minutes.

Medication and Supplements: All medication and supplements are given at no additional charge. In order for us to administer any medication/supplements you will need to provide us with written instructions that include: the dog's name, last name, breed, name of medication, dosage and what condition the dog is being treated for. All containers must also be marked with the dog's first and last name.

Our campers and their owners must abide by the following rules that keeps Camp safe and enjoyable for all dogs.

  • All campers must be in good health, free of fleas, nails trimmed and current on their Vet's recommended vaccination.
  • All female dogs must be spayed by 9 months of age, all male dogs neutered by 1 year.
  • Your dog or puppy must be seen regularly by a licensed veterinarian and deemed to be in good health, free of communicable disease or parasites, and adequately protected against disease for your dog's health and the health of our other campers.
  • We ask that dogs adopted from shelters wait at least 15 days prior to attending day care/boarding to guard against any diseases that may be incubating following their time in the adoption kennels.
  • Additionally, we ask that any vaccination not be given within 2 weeks prior and 1 week after an overnight stay. For those regularly attending day care we ask that vaccination be given on a day when your dog will have at least 2 days away from day care.

All dogs must be on a lead to and from the car.

To keep from exciting the dogs please stay at least 10 feet from the field fencing.

For your safety and the safety of all our campers, please DO NOT open the Intake Gate.