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Camp Setting

We have 5 fenced acres with multiple play yards in a tranquil, rural environment. We have a walking trail around the property and take the dogs for a walk 3 or 4 times per day.Front field

We have mature trees, grassy fields and secure fencing. We have sticks for chewing, hay bales for climbing, and soft ground for digging. We have other dogs for sniffing and playing.

The Barn is the large kennel, a 40 X 60 foot building that is climate controlled and vented. The Barn is where we keep the "short term" boarding and day care dogs. It is also for those dogs that need a lot of activity.

The Bunkhouse is the smaller kennel that is attached to the house. It is also climate controlled. We use the Bunkhouse for dogs that are staying more than 5 days, very small dogs and those who need a little extra care.

You may tour our facility during an interview. Call to schedule today.