Overnight Stays

All dogs must pass the Behavioral Assessment and attend 3-5 days of daycare prior to being accepted for overnight boarding. We have found that when dogs are familiar with their environment and the routine it greatly reduces the stress of being away from family and home. Our boarding dogs follow the same daytime routine as the daycare and both groups interact together.  Each guest has his or her own kennel to eat and sleep in.  We feed your food and administer any medications according to your instruction.  All dogs are fed at least 2 times daily; we can also accommodate lunches and late night snacks when needed.  We are able to handle a variety of diet issues and feeding routines.  We are RAW friendly and have refrigeration/freezer space available. 


We like camp to be seen as a home away from home so dogs that haven’t been to camp in more then about 4 months are required to attend a day or two of daycare prior to an overnight stay.


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Puppies and Shy Campers 

Gradual introductions set dogs up for success.  Because we have multiple play areas we are able to start new dogs with a gradual introduction to the group.  Puppies need a little more time to feel confident and it is important they aren’t rushed into interactions they aren’t ready for.  Most puppies will start out supervised in the barn with a few dogs we know to be confidence boosters.  We give them plenty of time to check things out first before gradually moving them to areas with more dogs.  All puppies all day is not ideal for proper development.  Puppies will learn from older dogs how not to be a pest, proper greeting etiquette and when its time for rest.   


Our setup is ideal for play-rest-play.  Puppies under the age of 7 months are fed lunch and given a mid-day nap/rest period.

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Looking for Boarding or Daycare?

All dogs at Camp Good Puppy must meet our basic list of requirements in order to enroll.