Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

At Camp Good Puppy we believe it is important to have balance to keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated through out the day. Our unique dog daycare program provides your dog with a fun-filled day without over-exertion. Our blend of alternating playtime and rest time promotes positive behavior and reduces stress.  Our multiple fields and play areas allow dogs to move in and out of groups as his/her interests and stimulation levels change. Groups are formed according to play style with a balance of sizes and ages in each group.


Our Program


Our program is designed to help teach your dog proper play when interacting with other dogs of all sizes and breeds, as well as socialization with people and exposure to various objects and environments. All while being supervised by our trained dog handlers. We use a combination of positive reinforcement (pats and loves, “good”, “thank you”, “kennel please”, “no”, “off”) to teach expected behavior, and time outs (in a kennel or on lead) to change unwanted behavior. 


We have daycare Monday through Friday on a reservation basis.  All dogs must pass an initial evaluation prior to their first day. We typically have about 30-35 daycare dogs each day and set a limit of 40, allowing us more interaction and to better monitor the playgroups.  Daycare dogs follow the same routine as boarding and have breakfast and a nap each morning.  The rest of the day they are out playing in supervised playgroups.

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All dogs at Camp Good Puppy must meet our basic list of requirements in order to enroll.