What Sets Us Appart

What Sets Us Apart

Why Camp Good Puppy?

Off leash play on 5 acres:

Five acres to run and play outside. Fresh air, lots of space, less noise. 


Multiple play areas:

2400sq ft inside, 1200 sq ft outside covered play pavilion and multiple fenced areas allow us to have fluid play groups and place dogs according to their “needs of the day”. 


Smaller playgroups:

With over 15 different play areas we have plenty of room to keep the groups small when needed.  This allows younger and shy dogs the opportunity to ease into the group. 


Vaccination Requirements:

We accept Titer Test Results as proof of immunity.  


All-inclusive Rates:  

We don’t want our clients to have to decide what their dog may need based on pricing. If your dog needs a stuffed Kong at night, snuggle time on the couch, special medications, a low energy group, after surgery care, slow introductions or any other special attention, you will not be charged an additional fee.

RAW Food:

We are a RAW friendly facility with plenty of refrigerator and freezer space.  


Spay/Neuter Age:

Unlike most other facilities we allow dogs to remain unaltered until they are much older and will work with pet owners to help determine the best time for spay and neuter.


Medications-includes injections:  

All staff are trained on administering all types of medication to include injections.


Daycare & Boarding in One location:  

Our daycare and boarding dogs run and play together; their days are the same.  So when you do need overnight care for your dog they have a place they already know. We also keep food at camp for all of our daycare dogs so if you are too late to pickup or your plans change all we need is a phone call and they can stay the night.

And We Live Onsite!

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